Clash of Texas political titans looms

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Ted Cruz (left) plus Rick Perry are shown inside a composite. | AP Photos
Ted Cruz (left) plus Rick Perry are shown inside a composite. | AP Photos

A Texas tussle may be found on the 2016 horizon.

Sen. Ted Cruz plus Gov. Rick Perry are both angling to run for president. And the prospect of the clash between your 2 Texas-sized egos whom represent different eras of the GOP – plus that aren’t openly rivals nevertheless haven’t tricked warm fuzzies for 1 another, either – has tongues wagging.

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“It will be the battle of the titans,” mentioned Steve Munisteri, chairman of the Texas Republican Party. “They are both popular here. Obviously Ted Cruz is riding a wave of huge recognition, however, I think the governor has a great deal of residual goodwill.”

Perry talked inside Iowa about Thursday evening plus has had his eye about another presidential call because before Cruz got to the Senate. The governor is slated for South Carolina plus Iowa again upcoming month. Cruz has been exploring a slew of early states — Iowa last month, South Carolina last week — further stoking speculation.

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If the 2 eventually take the plunge, their dynamic might highlight how far to the proper the Republican Party has moved over the previous year. As staunchly traditional because Perry is, Cruz might result in the longtime governor resemble an old-guard associate of the GOP’s establishment wing, Texas observers state. For activists furious over Obamacare plus enthralled with Cruz’s aggressive approach to taking on Democrats plus even moderates of his own party, the freshman senator represents the number one hope for the upcoming generation of conservatism.

“What you do recognize is the fact that what was when Rick Perry’s party is today truly clearly Ted Cruz’s,” a Texas GOP operative mentioned.

Perry is not any moderate. He has moved to defund Planned Parenthood, opposes homosexual wedding plus is a Second Amendment champion. In 2012, the Texas governor became a traditional bomb-thrower inside the GOP presidential main, plus he endorsed Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney following dropping out.

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But Perry, that won’t find reelection upcoming year, has furthermore been inside the workplace for 13 years, creating him the longest-serving governor inside state history along with a dominant figure inside the Austin political apparatus. Cruz — elected to the Senate really last year — came to force with an increasingly forceful plus traditional grass origins which helped him beat Perry’s lieutenant governor, David Dewhurst, inside the main contest.

“To the hard-core traditional activists which shape the base of the party, Cruz is the modern hero,” the Republican source continued. “That group usually constantly have fondness for Perry, nevertheless Perry has been governor because the final days of the Clinton presidency. Perry will nonetheless have a greater network of supporters inside each small corner of the state, nevertheless the passion is with Cruz.”

Jim Henson, an Austin-based pollster as well as the director of the Texas Politics Project, mentioned the comparison between Cruz plus Perry might represent a generational split.

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“It’s not difficult to conceive of what Ted Cruz’s line of criticism against Perry might be: ‘This is someone whom is the past, a associate of the establishment. I’m the future,’” Henson mentioned.

Perceived distance amongst the governor plus senator was fueled whenever Perry, talking abroad, newly dismissed the government shutdown because “political theater” plus added, for advantageous measure, which he not even heard Cruz’s name said abroad. Cruz, naturally, played a starring part because drama, prodding his GOP cohorts – effectively, yet by several later readings, self-defeatingly – to shutter the federal government inside an attempt to debilitate Obamacare.

“No 1 has come as much as me plus even mentioned the term ‘Cruz’ — no, not when did I hear that,” Perry mentioned of his amount of time in London plus Israel. A spokesman later downplayed the remark, suggesting the governor thinks Democrats are to blame for the shutdown.

In an Iowa interview with all the Dallas Morning News, Perry was asked how he felt regarding Cruz’s part inside the shutdown, plus he seized the chance to draw a contrast.

“Everybody gets to go out plus do their thing,” he said. “That’s his thing. My thing is governing.”

Observers like Henson state which Cruz plus Perry wouldn’t be expected to train their fire about every additional, at smallest initially, inside a presidential main. And Perry had gentler words for Cruz about Sunday, suggesting about ABC’s “This Week” which he “certainly liked the 21 hours of him standing up plus pointing out the foibles plus difficulties of Obamacare.”

But they have squabbled before, including throughout last year’s Senate main contest.

Perry seldom endorses inside competitive GOP primaries, yet he went to bat for Dewhurst found on the campaign path, appearing inside advertisements for the prospect plus campaigning for him over the state — besides the fact that doing this at the state GOP convention earned the governor boos. During the campaign, he questioned Cruz’s experience plus blasted outside groups, including Club for Growth, which bolstered his campaign.

Cruz mentioned he was running up against the Texas political establishment, plus his victory was portrayed because a reduction for Perry. Both sides state fences have mended, though certain Texas politicos state it’s prevalent wisdom which the 2 travel inside different political circles.

“They have a great relationship, a quite cordial 1,” mentioned Catherine Frazier, Cruz’s spokeswoman, whom earlier served because part for Perry, noting which the 2 have met “several occasions inside person” because the election.

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