Keep the doctor, period? Meet Americans whom state they absolutely lost their docs below Obamacare

November 23, 2013 0 Comments

No,you can't keep the program. No,you can't keep the doctor.No,you can't keep the income.In 2014,I recommend we never keep a Congressman.

Dan Bongino (@dbongino) November 21, 2013

The Obamacare debacle only gets worse plus worse. “Unexpectedly,” natch.

Americans can’t keep the plans they like. Period. And several of those fortunate enough to signal up for wellness insurance are facing limited networks of practitioners plus hospitals. that’s not truly the only cause Obama’s “you will keep a doctor” promise became a lay. Some doctors — “coddled, overpaid” doctors, according to Matt Yglesias — are fleeing the Obamacare rules plus restrictions which create staying inside practice increasingly difficult.

Democrats equally guaranteed we may keep your doctor beneath #ObamaCare. Here's why that's a lay, too
Chris Hull (@ChristopherHull) November 23, 2013

You could keep a doctor? Not when a doctor won’t see we today.

Today My doctor which I love & has been the family doctor for years (my parents, me, my child) quit! He states #obamacare has beat him!—
Dr.M Mendoza Lhmn (@TexasRPhJD) November 23, 2013

@TonySpeak @MickyBaker1 @jensan1332 @protectorveri don't have my doctor of 24 years anymore. He retired as a result of obamacare. Period!—
The breadman (@breadman28) November 22, 2013

Deductible & premium up & my doctor's exiting practice. My parent's physicians r additionally quitting practice. All Hail Affordable Care.—
Ed Folsom (@EdFolsomlaw) November 20, 2013

Just 1 of 1,000s RT @barbcsanders My Doctor retired due to Obama plus his insurance!—
Tom T. (@VRWCTexan) November 20, 2013

@PattyMurray Like my doctor & I may keep it? Ha! She QUIT & shut her whole practise. Great job oh ye legislator. #ocare#fail
Janice Brown (@einerdrake) November 17, 2013

This sucks!!! My doctor of 12 years is quitting his practice because of Obamacare. Then where am I gonna discover a superior doctor!! smh—
Jessie Brown (@JRB198705) November 17, 2013

Hey Obama!! newsflash to we I like my doctor of 13 yrs its a shame he has to close his practice due to Obamacare & the stupidity—
Jessie Brown (@JRB198705) November 20, 2013

My doctor of 20 years (a top doc inside Dallas) is suggesting he'll close his doorways upcoming month b/c of ObamaCare….any concerns?—
  (@TexasXeina) November 16, 2013

While certain are retiring or quitting, others are moving to concierge plus cash-only practices.

@weeklystandard @JBRichard50 We lost the doctor absolutely. He became 1 of those boutique practices to escape Obamacare uncertainties.—
SEDS (@SDESSEDS) November 19, 2013

@SenToomey I lost my doctor bc of ACA! Why shld he deal with all the risk, red tape, plus uncertainty whenever he may go into VIP medication?—
Michael Raven (@AjaxAndAtlas) October 28, 2013

@GuitrPickr Obamacare doesnt guarantee services rendered. My doctor is going cash just. God love her.—
Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) October 09, 2013

@RealJamesWoods My doctor which I've enjoyed for 15 years (half my life) moved to VIP. I can't afford the $2500 to keep her.—
Stacy Wilson (@StacyLynn624) October 02, 2013

Americans started losing their practitioners even before the failed Oct. 1 release of the market.

#cspanchat My doctor quit as a result of #Obamacare Happening all over nation. #DefundObamacare
Rachel Wagner (@smilingldsgirl) September 29, 2013

My doctor for 23 years is exiting his practice to teach inside med school instead of deal with Obamacare. Oh, crap! Then what?—
Seeing Red (@crand459) September 27, 2013

Thanks to #Obamacare my doctor is retiring.
#BarackObama pisses me off
>:- {
Craig #ORPUW (@ReadyCraigy) September 27, 2013

Attention @BarackObama: I didn't get to keep my doctor. She left b/c of Obamacare. Thanks a lot. It's hard enough finding a doctor.—
Alissa (@SBSportsDiva) September 26, 2013

Obamacare: When You Have to Find a New Doctor… via @heritage Lost our doc to #concierge – don't need, can't afford!—
Jo (@JBHarvelle) August 31, 2013

So my doc now is cash only, no insurance taken. This is just the beginning…

Colleen (@col_nj) August 20, 2013

My doctor sent out a notice -she will no longer work with any insurance companies. Cash only. #Obamacare is ruining healthcare. #tcot#ccot
TigerLand (@m_mgrant) August 06, 2013

@tedcruz My Doc went Concierge Medicine. @barackobama I can't keep my Doctor.
ConservativeTalk (@remzelk1) July 31, 2013

#WhatHasObamaCareDoneForMeLately My doctor switched to Concierge services, $20,000 for my family of five. This includes NO services.—
KRenner (@KRenner2) June 07, 2013

Obama lies: I for one couldn't "keep my doctor." He got out — into concierge — while the getting was good.…#hewitt
  (@88keyman) March 27, 2013

Wait for it:

The “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” press conference in January will be amazing—
Allahpundit (@allahpundit) November 14, 2013

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