Oprah: Living In Another Era

November 25, 2013 0 Comments

Oprah inside BBC interview
Oprah inside BBC interview

Many of you might remember Oprah’s latest comments regarding her sense which Americans disrespect Obama considering he is black.  In reaction, Mark Joseph, composing inside his USA Today column, “No, Oprah, America isn’t racist,” argues which she’s “living inside another era” plus illustrates his point with a somewhat compelling argument:

Because it happens to be more frequently than not Tea Party kinds that are accused of racial hostility towards Obama, I have a parlor game I play with my white traditional neighbors which informs me everything I have to understand regarding the state of race relations inside America.

“If the daughter were considering marrying a guy like Clarence Thomas or 1 like Chris Matthews, that might we select?” I ask.

The answer is rapid plus unanimous: They’d select to invest their vacations with a son-in-law that looks nothing like them yet shares their values instead of 1 that only shares their skin color.

My reaction is equally rapid considering there is completely no contest here.  As a white TEA Party “type,” I’d far somewhat my daughter (if I had one) marry somebody like Clarence Thomas than somebody like Chris Matthews.  Naturally Chris Matthews is a especially awful illustration, yet even without the Obama-inspired tingles up his leg, he’d be far less acceptance at my family gatherings than Justice Thomas.  Values, the content of one’s character, imply a awesome deal more to me plus mine than skin color.  I’d venture to state this really is true of most TEA Party members plus additional conservatives.

Not which we’d ever persuade the left of the truth.  However you truly don’t have to, incredibly when more folks like Joseph write these columns inside “mainstream” outlets like USA Today.

Of course, racism is Oprah’s “go to” explanation for any plus all perceived slights, thus whether she is living inside another era or is just inside denial regarding the millions of white Americans whom prepared her the multi-billionaire she is now, you may anticipate more of the from her inside future.

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