Thank we, Hobby Lobby

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Thank we, Hobby Lobby
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
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Religious freedom is front plus center found on the nation’s Thanksgiving table. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. The family-owned craft shop business is intrepidly challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare’s abortion coverage mandate. Hobby Lobby’s faithful owners need the thanks plus praise because they protect versatility of conscience for all Americans.

The privately held retail chain’s story is the quintessential American Dream. Founder David Green began out generating mini pic frames inside his Oklahoma garage inside 1970. He recruited his 2 sons, Mart plus Steve, to pitch inside at an early age. The family’s initial establishment took up a tiny 300 square feet of retail room. Hobby Lobby today runs almost 600 shops over the nation, uses 13,000 persons plus topped $2 billion inside sales inside 2009.

The Greens’ Christian belief is at the heart of how they are doing company. These are generally focused on integrity plus service for their visitors plus their employees. The debt-free business commits to “honoring the Lord in every you do by running the business inside a way consistent with biblical principles,” in addition to “serving the employees plus their families by establishing a function environment plus business policies which build character, improve people plus nurture families.”

The firm donates over 10 % of its money each year to charity. All shops are shut about Sundays to enable employees more family plus worship time. It’s the company’s commitment to biblical principles which led Hobby Lobby inside April to raise full-time employees’ beginning minimal wage to $14 an hr at a time whenever other companies have been forced to cut both wages plus advantages.

“We believe that it must be by God’s grace which Hobby Lobby has endured, plus he has blessed you plus the employees,” CEO David Green pointed out. “We’ve not just added jobs inside a weak economy; we’ve raised wages for the previous 4 years inside a row. Our full-time employees begin at 80 % above minimal wage.”

Many of Hobby Lobby’s employees are single mothers functioning 2 jobs. Green doesn’t want federal mandates to tell him how to treat plus retain advantageous employees. He does it considering it is very the “right thing to do.” While countless companies have been forced to drop wellness insurance for their shrinking workforces throughout the Age of Obama, Hobby Lobby headquarters opened an onsite comprehensive healthcare plus health clinic inside 2010 without co-pays.

Hobby Lobby employees are covered below the company’s self-insured wellness program, that brings you back to the company’s legal case. Last September, Hobby Lobby sued the feds over Obamacare’s “preventive services” mandate, that forces the Christian-owned-and-operated company to supply, without co-pay, abortion-inducing drugs including the “morning following pill” plus “week following pill” inside their wellness insurance program. The firm risked fines as much as $1.3 million a day for defying the government’s coercive abridgement of their First Amendment rights.

As Lori Windham, senior counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, that is representing Hobby Lobby inside its courtroom battles, mentioned at the time: “Washington politicians cannot force families to abandon their belief only to earn a living. Every American, including family company owners like the Greens, ought to be free to reside plus do company according to their religious beliefs.” Amen.

This summer, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals exempted Hobby Lobby within the abortion mandate plus allowed the company to avoid those crippling fines whilst choosing its case. Now, the Supreme Court may choose whether Democratic Party pandering trumps bedrock constitutional principles.

Planned Parenthood femme-a-gogues, Senate Democratic leaders, Christian-bashing celebs plus atheist bullies instantly attacked Hobby Lobby for “denying ladies access to birth control.” The lies plus religious persecution, specifically found on the eve of America’s nationwide getaway commemorating the pilgrims’ escape thereof, are unconscionable. Hobby Lobby’s firm wellness insurance program covers 16 of the 20 FDA-approved contraceptives needed beneath the Obamacare mandate — at no extra bills to employees. What Hobby Lobby refuses to do is to be forced to pay for abortifacients which violate the owners’ belief plus conscience.

Every staff is aware of the founders’ history, devout function ethic plus belief. Nobody is forced to function at Hobby Lobby. If employees need birth control, they may pay for it themselves. (And unlike a lot of different service employees, they have more take-home pay to invest found on the “preventive services” of their choice.)

The intolerant control freaks at the White Home took to Twitter after the Supreme Court announcement to pile found on the pander to the Sandra Fluke/Lena Dunham wing of the Democratic Party. “Birth control ought to be a woman’s choice, not her boss’s,” Team Obama tweeted. That’s exactly the argument against federally mandated healthcare advantages enforced by government inside violation of religious freedom plus subsidized by companies plus taxpayers against their will. Let’s pray the Supreme Court sees the light.