‘Damn perfectly stated!’ Fox Business’ Kennedy defines ‘inequality’ as only she can

January 12, 2014 0 Comments

In love with @KennedyNation and really enjoying @IndependentsFBN

Robb Wolf (@robbwolf) January 11, 2014

The ex-MTV VJ is continuing to bring it both on Fox Business and via Twitter. She recently scored with her definition of “inequality”:

Inequality is a false notion propagated by those who are made to feel guilty for what they have by those who are jealous for what they don't—
Kennedy (@KennedyNation) January 09, 2014


Whiners had to whine, natch.

@KennedyNation @AmeshAA no-inequality is not a guilt trip for the favorite-u have clearly alwys been privileged in life #offensive#unfollow
Katenm (@KatenNP) January 09, 2014

Oh noes! Not an unfollow!

@KennedyNation @ohhushmusic this is actually THE stupidest thing I have ever read on the entire Internet. Enjoy your white privilege.—
GO!PARIS!GO! (@kArLizZiE_J) January 09, 2014

Sigh. Well, kudos for helping to prove Kennedy’s point!

Others loved the definition.

@KennedyNation Great Tweet—
  (@CHARLIEFOGG) January 09, 2014

@KennedyNation so true—
Daniel Dobrowolski (@danjdob) January 09, 2014

@KennedyNation Damn perfectly stated!—
Nate (@nathandhinkle) January 09, 2014

@KatenNP @KennedyNation The only equality to be pursued should be equality before the law. Everything else requires violation of rights.—
Amesh Adalja (@AmeshAA) January 09, 2014

Bingo. Equal opportunity does not magically guarantee effortless equal results.

This Twitter user offers up a fix for income “inequality”"

@KennedyNation I used to suffer from income inequality. So I got a masters degree and a promotion. Inequality solved.—
Joshua Aiken (@aikenjd) January 09, 2014

Case closed! And an exit suggestion for Kennedy:

@KennedyNation well stated. Hope you run for office someday.—
J Miller (@jdm7) January 09, 2014


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