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Discount Coupon Code To Save $100 On The New Boosted Board (Version 2)

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How To Save $100 On The Brand New Boosted Board


Boosted Board Discount Coupon Code

Choose Your Range

The standard battery, with 99 watt-hours for 6-7 miles of range, is fully certified for passenger air travel when portability is at a premium. The extended battery, with 199 watt-hours for 12-14 miles of range, is perfect for longer commutes and epic rides. Batteries are now user-replaceable, allowing you to swap packs in minutes.

An Unmatched Ride Experience

Experience the same great feel with the Loaded Vanguard deck. Its fiberglass and bamboo construction enables natural suspension and damping over bumps while delivering enough energy for a snappy, responsive ride. The larger Orangatang 80mm Kegel wheels soak up bumps for a smoother ride across a variety of surfaces. These wheels, paired with our custom-built trucks, allow for perfect carving.

The World's Best Electric Drivetrain is Now Even Better

Our belt-drive system magnifies the torque of the motor by 3x, giving you stronger brakes, faster acceleration, and steeper hill climbing than with hub motors. Boosted's fully encased water-resistant electronics and motors means you can worry less about water damage.

Unlimited Connectivity

Ultrafast firmware upgrades to the remote, battery, and motor control processors ensure you’re always running the highest performance and most trouble-free software. A high-power accessory port paves the way for lighting and other customization options. International Certification Thanks to international certification (and our modular design), we are now able to begin accepting reservations from international customers. We can’t wait to hear amazing stories from Boosted riders worldwide.

How To Save $100 On The Brand New Boosted Board