Hilarious spin: Insurance exchange website malfunctioning because Obamacare is just that popular

October 02, 2013 0 Comments

Talk about some spin. Healthcare.gov won't work because Obamacare is so popular!

Jay Bush (@tnjaybush) October 01, 2013

Why has the Obamacare website rollout been a wildly unsuccessful pile of suck? Because it’s super-popular, natch! At least that’s what delusional libs want you to believe:

NOTE: The ACA site went down because it is POPULAR and had too many hits, not because it wasn't beta tested. Good grief. #whiners
Liberals for Peace (@Liberals4Peace) October 01, 2013

POTUS addresses glitches w/healthcare enrollment. Says demand exceeded what they had expected and the WH working to address the problems.—
Kristen Welker (@kwelkernbc) October 01, 2013

ACA so popular the site is crashing from huge number of people enrolling first day open #obamacare
Pam Cathcart (@pamcat8) October 01, 2013

The Only Problem #Obamacare Exchanges ( Healthcare.gov ) Has So Far is That It's Too Popular: thkpr.gs/1hirt5R Rt #GetCovered
  (@TheNewDeal) October 01, 2013

It’s just like conservatives always warned — ObamaCare is too popular and it’s overloading the servers.—
Matt Yglesias (@mattyglesias) October 01, 2013

Oh, puh-leeze. The site’s not working because the Obama administration is incompetent.

ObamaCare passed three years ago. THREE YEARS and they couldn't get the website right. These same people are now in charge of your health.—
RB (@RBPundit) October 01, 2013

Comforting, isn’t it?

"Sure, there's a 10-year wait on hip replacements, but that only shows how popular Obamacare is!"—
jon gabriel (@ExJon) October 01, 2013



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