The horror: Members of Congress forced to push own elevator buttons during shutdown

October 02, 2013 0 Comments

**Written by Doug Powers

Those heartless GOP Tea Party types can either put funding for Obamacare back into the spending bill, or the blood of members of Congress wounded attempting to open their own doors is on their hands:

Shutdown affects ppl Mems of Congress see daily. They push elevator buttons for them, serve them food, hold their doors; now home w no pay—
Kasie Hunt (@kasie) October 01, 2013

There hasn’t been this much panic on Capitol Hill since the great D.C. power outage of 1975 left a group of senators stuck on an escalator for over 12 hours (dramatized a year later in the Irwin Allen film “Terror at Eleven Feet”).

Shutdown related question: How many private sector businesses have almost a million “non-essential employees”?

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