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VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Protester Maced At Donald Trump Rally In Wisconsin After Throwing Sucker Punch

UPDATE: New Video Proves Trump Protester Sucker Punched Man (CLICK HERE)

WISCONSIN - Footage has surfaced online showing Black Lives Matter protester Alex Drake being maced at a Donald Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin. According to The New York Daily News Alex Drake is a 15 year old teen but news outlet WISC-TV and local police say the woman is actually 19 years old.

Trump Protester Alex Drake Pepper Sprayed After Sucker Punching Man Tweet

We have posted 4 different videos of the incident below. In the second video Alex Drake admits on camera that she deserved to be maced in the face for throwing the punch. If you have additional information to add please leave a comment. 

Trump Protester Pepper Sprayed After Sucker Punching Man

VIDEO #1 Sucker Punch / Pepper Spray:

VIDEO #2 Second Angle And Admission Of Guilt :


VIDEO #3 What Happened Before The Protester Was Pepper Sprayed:


VIDEO #4 The Woman Received A Full Medical / Media Escort To Seek Treatment After The Trump Rally Altercation: