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October 13, 2013 0 Comments

posted at 9:31 am about October 13, 2013 by Ed Morrissey

In March 2009, the globe watched because Somali pirates hijacked the container ship Maersk Alabama off the Horn of Africa, plus then kidnapped Captain Richard Phillips inside a driven lifeboat whenever they lost control of the ship.  Captain Phillips informs the story of the ship, the pirates, plus Phillips’ frightening ordeal over many days inside the Gulf of Aden — plus it is the ideal film of the year.

The movie begins with Phillips (Tom Hanks) preparing for his lengthy flight to Oman to take control of the Maersk Alabama, spending because small time because completely required to establish which Phillips has a family along with a tough approach to his job. (If you blink, you’ll miss the truth which Catherine Keener has a short cameo because Phillips’ spouse.)  His team receive just a little more introduction to the audience before the action switches to Somalia, where Abdulwadi Muse assists gather a big team of pirates following being threatened by the area crime employers to reach function. The pirates shortly place themselves about a collision course with all the Maersk Alabama, as well as the rest certainly is history.

Director Paul Greenglass brought the story of United 93 to viewers inside heartbreaking plus realistic detail, plus Greenglass picks up where he left off with Captain Phillips – a story with a more pleasing ending, naturally.  While Greenglass deploys Shaky Cam plus Nostril Shot method too usually inside the exposition sequences, he puts both to perfect impact throughout the real action plus tension sequences. The action even involves Phillips’ ill-fated escape attempt, before his eventual rescue.  The movie makes virtually no reference to politics, just mentioning a couple of instances which the White House’s highest goal was to keep the pirates from returning to Somalia with a hostage, that wasn’t precisely a secret, or controversial either. Scenes involving the US Navy ships as well as the SEALs are very realistic plus impressive.   If Act of Valor gave the many realistic cinematic depiction of unique forces operations, this movie has to be a close next, albeit without any real exposure of detailed methods.

Hanks offers a good performance because Richard Phillips, particularly inside the next half of the movie because a hostage.  In truth, the performance gets greater plus greater because the movie goes along, with Hanks’ last scenes possibly his ideal inside years.  But, Barkhad Abdi because Abdulwadi Muse virtually steals the film.  Abdi plus his other stars playing the Somali pirates were cast inside a open call here inside the Twin Cities, as well as all perform a advantageous job, however, Muse provides the many nuanced of all of the performances.

Captain Phillips offers a harrowing plus gripping ride, all more thus for the basis inside real existence. On the Hot Air scale, I surely give it a five:

  • 5 – Full cost ticket
  • 4 – Matinee only
  • 3 – Wait for Blu-Ray/DVD/PPV rental or purchase
  • 2 – Watch it whenever it hits Netflix/cable
  • 1 – Avoid at all costs

In truth, I could go see it again.  But, the MPAA PG-13 rating can be a small misleading.  It gets bloody, as well as the tension plus violence are very significant for young teenagers.  I’m amazed this didn’t receive an R rating, thus parents ought to be warned.

Update: Another thought, that I posted about Twitter:

It’s virtually Jack Webb-esque inside its fair plus honest treatment of the military.

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