A passing victory for 2 failed ideologies

October 16, 2013 0 Comments

I’m about a break from a meeting I’m at all week, thus I’m after the information about Twitter.

Looks like there is a “done deal” that achieves small for the American individuals or the future of the country.  The monstrosity well-known as Obamacare remains inside spot as well as the nationwide debt keeps growing towards oblivion.

I’m glad certain folks tried to stop both.

At minimum certain Republicans are about record as being ready to do really regarding anything to stop Obamacare though less much because Obama plus Democrats were prepared to do to conserve it.  If there were hostage-takers plus suicide bombers, they weren’t Ted Cruz plus Mike Lee or the conservatives inside the Home.

Fact is, Obamacare is really valuable to Obama which he might have, inside his words, thrown the nation into standard instead of create changes everyone knows are required.

That the Democrats have succeeded inside portraying those whom desired to aid Americans because terrorists is a testament to Democrats’ ability to synchronize messaging, a sympathetic plus lazy media, back-stabbing plus weak Republicans, along with a failure of will.

I’m persuaded which because time goes about, those whom fought the superior fight is vindicated.  Stand with them because the long-knives come out.

There is certain spiking of the sports by Obama supporters.  So what else is new.

There furthermore usually be I-told-you-so’s from some Republicans.  I care even less regarding which.

Move about to the upcoming fights.

At many this really is a passing victory for 2 failed ideologies, neither of that holds much hope for the future.