WaPo shutdown horror story: Returning federal employees face horrific amount of unread emails

October 19, 2013 0 Comments

**Written by Doug Powers

This is the finish of the story inside the Washington Post regarding the horrifying amount of unread emails returning federal employees had to wade by.

Prepare to receive the sympathy on:

“But whenever we receive back, that’s the problem,” Moore mentioned. “It’s all there waiting for we.” And in the event you try to go by all messages “in 1 heroic death march, it piles up even more” whenever folks respond the following day. Instead of that approach, Moore suggests breaking it up plus committing to going by the certain quantity of backlogged messages every day, and any brand-new ones which come inside. Casey is utilizing precisely which strategy. She place all 1,563 e-mails inside a folder plus reminded herself which “nothing’s going to break when I don’t answer them today.”

She worked from house Thursday to ease herself into the grind. As shortly because she logged about, she fired off an email of her own.

Her many pressing purchase of business: a request for holiday time.

And why not? The return from which two-week paid holiday need been exhausting!

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