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I’m not going to mince words: you ought to go plus help Ken Cuccinelli. I don’t think which the 3rd party polling we’re seeing is exact – Virginia, historically, refuses to reward 3rd parties with which amount of help – yet I do think which Terry McAuliffe is possibly ahead, plus McAuliffe is acting as when he’s got the momentum. Boils right down to this: you are able to have McAuliffe because Governor of Virginia, or you are able to have Ken. There is not any 3rd way.

Your call.

Transcript through Real Clear Politics:

“Today, the country as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia face great challenges. Citizens are looking leaders that are ready to talk out plus stand up for the initially principles plus take on a federal government which is from control, eating away the freedom plus crushing chance.

“This gross government overreach is ideal exemplified inside the so-called Affordable Care Act. ObamaCare represents among the biggest plus many reckless expansions of government inside the over 200-year history of the country.

“I believe which ObamaCare is unconstitutional. I believe it’s an affront to the freedoms plus liberties the founding fathers fought to establish about the behalf. I’m proud to state numerous of those heroes were Virginians, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson plus Patrick Henry.

“Because I believed ObamaCare was an affront to the freedom, I stood up. I was the initially lawyer general inside America to challenge the law inside federal courtroom. And now, I continue to look for avenues to reduce ObamaCare’s hurtful impact about Virginians.

“During the debate over this law, people inside the Commonwealth were told they can conveniently access information regarding their healthcare options plus join the program, perfectly which proven to be untrue. They were told their costs wouldn’t grow, which proven to be fake. And they were told they can keep access to their insurance plus their physicians, plus which proven to be downright dishonest.

“Today, the people are deeply worried regarding what the future holds. What form of nation may you hand to the youngsters? As a spouse plus proud dad of 7, my spouse plus I share these concerns.

“It’s why I stood up plus mentioned ObamaCare is not proper for Virginia. It’s why I fought alongside 27 additional state attorneys general plus mentioned ObamaCare is not right for America. It’s why I am sharing this content along with you now. I recognize you will do better…

“My alma mater – the University of Virginia – simply announced it usually no longer be capable to offer healthcare coverage to countless spouses of their thousands of employees. And really 2 weeks ago, the Fairfax County Water Authority, a immense government company inside Northern Virginia, announced which it’s going to need to drop coverage for the employees as a result of ObamaCare’s taxes.

“Everywhere we look, there’s more evidence which ObamaCare was fundamentally broken even before it began. And whilst the residents bear the brunt of the law, it appears like big businesses plus specialized interests have gotten exempted. Even Members of Congress are getting preferential treatment, yet everyday Virginians, of who I am privileged to count me, are paying the fees plus experiencing diminished freedoms.

“President Obama’s tips are deeply flawed as well as the implementation of the law has been a nationwide embarrassment. Let me be plain, the law which carries the President’s name is the hallmark of the reckless federal government which has lost its method.

“As Attorney General of the Commonwealth that was 1 of the nation’s initially 13 colonies, as well as the birthplace of American democracy, I’ll not stand by plus observe because the difficult fought freedoms are removed.

“We may do better. We have to supply flexibility plus choice in the healthcare program. Our residents shouldn’t be forced to select insurance services plus practitioners who’ve been preselected by government bureaucrats. We have to open the insurance marketplace plus permit cross state buy of insurance to drive competition plus lower costs.

“Physicians are fleeing Medicaid considering they’re paid thus small plus need to invest longer completing regulatory paperwork, time they might very invest treating their individuals. Our people ought to be capable to select the healthcare services that they believe can offer the greatest care for their requires, plus you shouldn’t need to create the medical decisions with 16,000 IRS agents looming because the ObamaCare enforcers.

“Most importantly, you have to reverse the perverse incentives which have raised the expense of insurance costs plus have forced companies to drop healthcare advantages plus full-time jobs inside purchase to remain inside company.

“Our healthcare program ought to be clear at all degrees plus offer pricing to inform plus empower American families.

“We must help marketplace based solutions for healthcare reform plus empower individuals free from government control. More plus more government inside healthcare has proven to create it worse, not better! America must go the alternative technique, trusting the folks plus the physicians to exercise a program that’s right for medical, not marching to the senseless beat of several far off government drum.

“If the politicians that gave you this train wreck anticipate you to reside by this law, then your same law without specialized exemptions could apply to Congress. Is that absolutely too much to ask?

“ObamaCare serves because a grave danger to the future success of the residents of Virginia, plus I’ll continue to resist growing it. Not merely inside Washington, in each state inside America. I promise which I’ll do my piece inside Virginia, plus I understand you’ll do yours! Together you will create America greater tomorrow than it happens to be now.

“Thank we for hearing.

“God bless every 1 of we.

“And God bless the beloved nation.”

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