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President Barack Obama’s soundbites are coming back to bite him.

As he tried to market a complex healthcare reform program to doubtful voters throughout the 2008 campaign plus his initial year inside workplace, Obama boiled down the pros to a series of pithy promises:

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If we like a existing insurance, you are able to keep it. Buying a program will be because convenient because ordering a airplane ticket about Expedia. Annual costs might drop by $2,500 for the typical family.

The simplicity of those messages are today running up from the fact of implementing the many far-reaching healthcare overhaul inside 50 years.

(POLITICO's guide to the Affordable Care Act)

For each positive statistic regarding the law, there’s a horror story which calls into query the wide guarantees of Obamacare plus offers Republicans anything else to criticize. It’s forced the White Home into another irritating round of Whac-A-Mole, whipping back 1 bad development just to obtain many more proper behind it.

The newest controversy regarding the upheaval inside the individual marketplace shows which — lengthy following issues with HealthCare.gov are fixed — there usually nevertheless be an endless stream of bad-news anecdotes to compete with all the administration’s charts, figures plus feel-good stories regarding how the law is functioning for millions of Americans.

“The Obama management has absolutely tried to remind folks of the long-term plan objectives plus to take the extended view,” mentioned Sabrina Corlette, project director at the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University. “But inside this environment plus 24-7 information cycle, it's difficult to not receive caught up inside the anecdote of your day.”

Some of the highest-profile challenges are the White House’s own generating. Obama prepared sweeping generalizations which is contradicted by individual experiences. Not everybody might see the deep savings which he guaranteed throughout the 2008 campaign. A big percentage of individuals whom purchase their own insurance won’t be capable to keep the same plan. The website hasn’t been almost because breezy because forecasted.

(WATCH: Obamacare timeline)

The newest headache for the management is the launch late Tuesday of the report showing a main contractor had warned of url difficulties weeks before HealthCare.gov’s release. The document drop came within the Home Committee about Oversight plus Government Reform chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).

The Democratic approach, for today, is to provide up stats plus stories which push back found on the bad claims.

The Home hearing Tuesday with Marilyn Tavenner, that runs the agency implementing the law, had been a tussle between advantageous plus bad. Republicans focused about plan cancellations plus cost hikes, whilst Democrats emphasized the big picture: 17 million Americans with pre-existing conditions can’t be denied coverage; 6.6 million young adults could remain about their parents’ insurance plans; 7.7 million seniors have saved over $8.3 billion about prescription drugs.

White Home click secretary Jay Carney tried the same approach at his daily briefing, pointing out which just the 5 % of Americans whom purchase insurance found on the individual marketplace are getting letters from insurers alert of plan changes plus premium hikes.

(PHOTOS: 10 Sebelius quotes regarding the Obamacare website)

“I know which there’s a great deal of attention being focused about it plus it deserves fuller explanation — plus I think fuller explanation by you plus fuller explanation by everybody reporting about it, thus which audience plus visitors plus listeners are getting the full pic regarding this matter,” Carney mentioned of the newest controversy sparked Monday by an NBC News story.

Carney tried to supply context. Folks that purchase their have insurance signal 12-month contracts, thus the renewal task below method is a longstanding practice inside the industry. Insurers might utilize the renewal period to change coverage plus raise costs irrespective of Obamacare. The difference this year is the fact that insurers can today be needed below Obamacare to give a minimal package of advantages which customers possibly weren’t getting before. That signifies costs is high, nevertheless the tradeoff is greater coverage, better safety plus taxes subsidies for numerous Americans to offset the bills, he mentioned.

“The truth is the fact that millions of Americans whom have been topic to the whims plus vagaries of the individual insurance marketplace will have protection which they’ve not had before, plus greater coverage, inside many situations, than they’ve ever had before, plus cheaper coverage, quite often, than they’ve ever had before,” Carney mentioned.

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