Thank We, Stranger

November 01, 2013 0 Comments

by Jedediah Bila1 Nov 2013, 10:06 AM PDT

I was hoping to do several diary writing, truly the only form of writing which gets my issues answered, forces me to consider regarding the individuals I miss plus why, plus reminds me that I am beneath all these levels of function, errands, plus useful thinking.

I didn't receive surprisingly far last evening. I tried, however my ears plus eyes kept being drawn to a female nearby.

She had to be at minimum eighty, when not more. She was chatting regarding her spouse to 2 young ladies. She was telling stories of how they met--in New Hampshire, seventy years before. He had been hired to do certain function about her parents' home. They might have lunch outside found on the grass, walk to town inside the late afternoons, observe sunsets within the rooftop when chatting regarding their siblings plus sisters, the ocean, dance, plus what was absolutely going about inside the sky with all those stars.

She was mesmerizing.

Her hair was gray, wrapped inside a bun over her head.

She had lines by her mouth for the years her spouse prepared her laugh. She had lost him a several years back, however, I can see inside her eyes which he had not certainly left her side.

As she talked of him, her face might come alive. I might see the lines about her forehead become pronounced because she raised her eyebrows recalling the time he accidentally lit her parents' porch about fire whilst trying the magic trick. (He had been a bit of the daredevil, it appears. And might stop at nothing to test to impress her.)

I sat because cafe hearing because difficult because I might 2 tables away, my eyes fixed about which girl that appeared thus extremely real, thus full of humanity--the question, the imperfections, the brightness, the richness, the lifetime.

Surrounded by breathtaking persons with skin botoxed to close excellence, hair flawlessly dyed, makeup used with precision, she stood out because the 1 whose face told a story.

Surrounded by persons guarded by their insecurities plus well-built, aloof walls, she stood out because the 1 whom wasn't scared to tell we who she had loved plus lost.

I not mentioned hi. I don't even recognize her name. However without ever searching my method, she reminded me of the type of existence that's value living.

She reminded me which encounters which tell stories are thus more interesting than those produced flawless by top practitioners.

She reminded me which whenever we certainly love somebody, a eyes could light up whenever we mention his name.

She reminded me which sharing stories of that you are plus where we've been is thus extremely effective.

And she reminded me which yes, it can be gutsy to create the thoughts down inside a log. But it's means more gutsy to state them aloud.

Thank we, stranger, whoever you're.

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