'Double Down': Huntsman Campaign Behind 2011 Smears about Herman Cain plus Mitch Daniels' Wife

November 02, 2013 0 Comments

By Noel Sheppard | November 2, 2013 | 13:10

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Not amazingly, the liberal media about Friday focused about leaked details from Mark Halperin plus John Heilemann's new book "Double Down" which included Barack Obama, Bill plus Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, plus Chris Christie.

Yet buried deep inside Peter Hamby's review at the Washington Post became a paragraph declaring the campaign of previous Utah governor Jon Huntsman was behind the 2011 smears of Herman Cain plus Indiana governor Mitch Daniels' wife:

Jon Huntsman is the exception, as well as the authors’ rendering of him is not very. Perhaps many damning for a prospect whom professed to be above politics-as-usual, the authors report which the Huntsman campaign was behind 2 of the cycle’s roughest information hits: peddling dirt to reporters about Mitch Daniels’s spouse, Cheri, a caution shot intended to keep the past Indiana governor from the GOP field; plus facilitating Politico’s splashy story regarding Cain’s obvious extramarital dalliances, a revelation which forced the pizza magnate within the race.

For those which have overlooked, inside May 2011, there were claims being prepared inside the hit which Cheri Daniels had abandoned her kids whenever she plus Mitch divorced inside the '90s before getting remarried years later.

Whether these allegations - or the worry of further scrutiny into them - were responsible, Daniels announced later which month he wouldn't be running for president.

In a prepared statement to the Indianapolis Star, he additionally tried to set the record straight regarding his wedding.

As for Cain, visitors will remember an October 2011 hit-piece inside Politico accusing him of wrong behavior with 2 females.

Although Cain denied the allegations, the media firestorm which ensued was thus fierce which he eventually withdrew within the race.

Not amazingly, because shortly because he exited, the accusers went into their holes plus you heard nothing more info on the matter. Nothing.

Funny how which occurs.

As for Huntsman, visitors may remember which he was the media's choice for Republican nominee having worked for the Obama management because ambassador to China while possessing more moderate views than the additional 2012 individuals particularly about social issues.

Is this why this section inside Hamby's review went virtually completely unnoticed?

Wouldn't surprise me inside the minimum.

(HT Dan Gainor)