Despicable: WH smears cancer survivor whom lost her insurance program due to Obamacare

November 04, 2013 0 Comments

@michellemalkin WH takes to Twitter to smear elderly Obamacare cancer victim:…

Kristinn Taylor (@KristinnFR) November 04, 2013

That can’t be true, may it?

@pfeiffer44 The White Home is attacking a cancer individual. Remarkable. @TPHealth
jon gabriel (@exjon) November 04, 2013

Yes. Yes it is actually. Check out Dan Pfeiffer’s despicable tweet posted through his official White Home Twitter account.

The Real Reason That The Cancer Patient Writing In Today’s Wall Street Journal Lost Her Insurance through @TPHealth
Dan Pfeiffer (@pfeiffer44) November 04, 2013

Beyond repugnant. As Twitchy reported, Edie Littlefield Sundby is a Stage IV cancer survivor. She is losing her present insurance program due to Obamacare. She cannot keep her program, neither the practitioners, which have assisted her beat all odds plus reside for virtually 7 years. Greta Van Susteren plus Brit Hume brought her story to the attention of the boot-licking hacks at the NY Times that stated which President Pants about Fire “clearly misspoke” whenever he mentioned we may keep a program. No biggie.

Those with a soul (refuses to include the NYT editorial board) are repulsed by the White House’s Dan Pfeiffer plus his callous disregard for this woman’s existence.

@pfeiffer44 @TPHealth Smearing cancer individuals? Really, Dan?—
  (@LetItBurnUSA) November 04, 2013

@michellemalkin @KristinnFR Additionally smears an ins co for not being capable to 'compete' against insidious forced gov't takeover of ins industry—
Catherine (@museofhistory) November 04, 2013

Yep. Hey, they didn’t build which plus we shouldn’t have selected which, rubes.

Dan Pfeiffer is absolute scum.—
Brad Cundiff (@bradcundiff) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 So considering we men lied to the public, you need to smear a cancer individual for selecting the incorrect insurance carrier? Nice touch.—
Pres. Sgt. Schultz (@jaschrein) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 How caring of we, and you're sleeping. They left as a result of Obamacare.—
  (@Judyallbrite) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 You're a fucking worm. @TPHealth
Padraig Cæl (@Peetweefish) November 04, 2013

Dick. –> @pfeiffer44 @TPHealth
Mikéy Ramoné (@ThePantau) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 You're thus cool Dan. So courageous.. We show which individual with a terminal disease whom is boss..—
S.M (@redsteeze) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 @TPHealth Dan, you may be a sleeping punk that smears elderly cancer people. We serve Obama perfectly. He lied regarding his own perishing mother—
Kristinn Taylor (@KristinnFR) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 @TPHealth God the Obamas management have reached a modern low! This really is not a honorable management going about for 5 years enuf—
woozme (@tpaw70) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 might we perhaps be more of a uncaring d-bag?—
PacersPav (@sr71pav) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 @TPHealth do we do not have shame?—
John E. Dice (@johnedice) November 04, 2013

@pfeiffer44 you may be a total scumbag @TPHealth her program might have stayed inside destination when not for @BarackObama plus #Obamacare
Evil Bert (@EvlBert) November 04, 2013

#CancerPatients, can I introduce we to @pfeiffer44 @HarryReid & @thinkprogress . They really care regarding we. (CC: @TwitchyTeam)—
Frank Saltzman (@fsaltzman) November 04, 2013

While cretinous, is it truly surprising?

Chicago way==>RT @KristinnFR: @michellemalkin WH takes to Twitter to smear elderly Obamacare cancer victim:…
Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) November 04, 2013


We’d state shame about we, we soulless bastards, yet we can’t shame the shameless today, are you able to? Speaking of shameless:

Let's sick back plus ponder what the hit coverage will be like when @pfeiffer44 worked for a Republican because he attacks a girl with cancer.—
RB (@RBPundit) November 04, 2013

What state we, boot-lickers? We won’t hold the breathing.

Update: Truth.

If we like being a douchebag, you are able to keep being a douchebag.…
Matt (@Matthops82) November 04, 2013


Greta Van Susteren, Brit Hume destroy boot-licking NYT hacks with devastating O-care truthObamacare train wreck: Stage IV gallbladder cancer survivor can’t keep her doctorsBoot-licking fail: We won’t believe NYT’s reason for Obama’s ‘you may keep a plan’ lieDan Pfeiffer: ‘If we had the program plus it hasn’t been changed or canceled, you are able to keep it’Follow @twitchyteam

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