Why Terry McAuliffe hardly claimed

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How the heck did which result?

Most public polls leading as much as Election Day had Democrat Terry McAuliffe coasting to victory, certain by double digits, inside the Virginia governor’s race. Instead he squeaked by, whipping Republican Ken Cuccinelli by lower than 3 percentage points.

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The much-closer-than-expected result blunts the narrative which this had been a clean win for Democrats entering 2014 plus guarantees an intense blame game amidst Republicans regarding what could have put Cuccinelli over the best.

(SEE RESULTS: 2013 Virginia governor’s race)

Based about a review of returns, leave polls plus conversations with operatives, here are six takeaways within the surprise election of the night:

Obamacare virtually killed McAuliffe.

The leading information stories of the last 2 weeks of the race were regarding the botched rollout of the wellness exchanges plus troubling revelations regarding individuals getting kicked off their wellness plans.

Cuccinelli called the off-year election a referendum about Obamacare at each stop throughout the final days.

“Despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came right down to the cable as a result of Obamacare,” Cuccinelli mentioned inside his concession speech Tuesday evening.

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When President Barack Obama crossed the Potomac for McAuliffe about Sunday, he glaringly avoided even mentioning his signature achievement — struggling rather to link Cuccinelli with all the federal government shutdown.

Exit polls show a most of voters — 53 % — opposed the law. Among them, 81 % voted for Cuccinelli plus 8 % voted for Libertarian prospect Robert Sarvis. McAuliffe earned overwhelmingly amidst the 46 % that help the healthcare overhaul.

Cuccinelli really claimed independents by 9 percentage points, 47 % to 38 %, according to leave polls performed for a group of media companies. They produced up regarding one-third of the electorate.

“Obamacare helped close the gap,” mentioned Richmond-based strategist Chris Jankowski, the president of the Republican State Leadership Committee.

Cuccinelli could have earned when he had additional money.

Even before Cuccinelli delivered his concession speech, the candidate’s close allies were beginning to blame outside groups for not assisting out more.

(PHOTOS: Ken Cuccinelli’s career)

McAuliffe outraised Cuccinelli by virtually $15 million, plus he utilized the cash benefit to pummel him found on the airwaves. A shortage of resources forced the Republican to go dark inside the D.C. media marketplace throughout the final 2 weeks.

The Republican National Committee invested regarding $3 million about Virginia this year, compared to $9 million inside the 2009 governor’s race.

The Chamber of Commerce invested $1 million improving McDonnell inside 2009 plus none this time.

“If the Republicans might have rallied about the nominee rather of refusing to help Cuccinelli, he might have earned,” mentioned a GOP source associated inside the race.

A constellation of liberal interest groups, meanwhile, poured cash inside because McAuliffe’s lead grew inside the public polling. They sought to claim credit for their issues, whether the environment or abortion. Mike Bloomberg’s super PAC invested $2 million inside the final 2 weeks about advertisements increasing weapon control, for illustration.

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The Republican Governors Association invested $8.3 million for Cuccinelli, compared to $5.2 million 4 years ago, to test creating up for the fundraising disparity. However much of which funds came earlier inside the summer, as well as the RGA eventually stopped pouring cash into what looked like a losing campaign.

Cuccinelli personally wasn't a desirable fundraiser. Removing direct contributions from outside groups, McAuliffe raised $28 million to Cuccinelli’s $11.7 million.

RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski defended the committee, suggesting it has to create difficult options regarding how to invest limited resources.

“The RNC invested millions of $ to fund the ground game efforts inside both New Jersey plus Virginia, functioning inside coordination with both advertisments to find plus come out voters,” she mentioned.

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