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RAW VIDEO: Man Confronts Munich Terrorist Shooting People From Roof

VIDEO: Man Records Himself Arguing With Munich Terrorist Who Is Actively Shooting Innocent Bystanders



VIDEO: Man Records Himself Arguing With Munich Terrorist Who Is Actively Shooting Innocent Bystanders


(Translated by reddit user: Klyka)

Balcony Man: "You fucking Asshole you..."

Shooter: "Because of you I was bullied for 7 years..."

Balcony Man: "You wanker you. you're a wanker"

Shooter: "...and now I have to buy a gun to shoot you"

Balcony Man: "a gun! fuck off! your head should be cut off/open you asshole"

Shooter and Balcony man shouting at each other.

Balcony Man apparently to people filming: "He's got a gun here the guy has one"

Unseen voice: "Shit/Fucking Turks!"

Balcony Man: "Shit/Fucking Kanacken" (derogatory term for people of Middle Eastern descent)

Balcony man to someone else : "EY! HE'S GOT A GUN! He has loaded his gun! Get the cops here! He's walking around here the wanker!"

Shooter: "I am German."

Balcony Man: "You're a wanker is what you are"

Shooter: "Stop filming!"

Balcony Man: "A wanker is what you are, what the fuck are you doing?"

Shooter: "Yeah what, I was born here!"

Balcony Man: "Yeah and what the fuck you think you're doing???"

Shooter: "I grew up here in the Hartz 4 (unemployment benefits in Germany) area, in the [unintelligible] region here in Hasenbergl.

Balcony Man and Shooter talk at same time, can't make it out. Shooter says something about "Behandlung" which is "treatment" in both medical treatment or just how you treat people,not sure which one he means. Balcony Man says something like "Yeah treatment is something for you"

Shooter: "I haven't done anything here for [unintelligible]"

Shooter: "Shut your snout/mouth, sir" (He is using the German "Sie" which is a politer form, Schnauze is "snout" and a slang)

Balcony Man: "You cunt you"

Balcony Man: "HEY! HE'S ON THE UPPER FLOOR HERE [unintelligible]"

Filming man goes into cover, shooter starts firing.

Balcony man calls him a cunt again.

Balcony man: "They must have been shitting into your head" (A German slang for "Your mind is fucked up)

Shooter: "They have not! They have NOT, that's the thing! They have NOT!"


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