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BREAKING: Eleven Dallas Police Officers Shot At Black Lives Matter Protest

TEXAS - At least 11 Dallas police officers have been shot in downtown Dallas, TX. The extent of the officer's injuries are not known at this time. The violent shootings took place during a Black Lives Matter rally downtown to protest the officer-involved shootings this week in Louisiana and Minnesota. Witnesses report hearing more than 30 shots. If you have something to add please leave a comment below. 

Story Developing...

UPDATE #1: "There are three to six officers who are gravely wounded, according to my sources inside the Dallas Police Department" -  KDFW's Shaun Robb

UPDATE #2: DART, (Dallas transit authority) has confirmed one of their officers has died as a result of tonight's shooting.

UPDATE #3: Four DART police officers were shot in downtown Dallas. 1 deceased, others not life-threatening. No IDs yet. Updates via twitter.

UPDATE #4: Ten police officers were shot. 3 of those officers are now deceased.

UPDATE #5: Police suspect sniper fire from an elevated parking garage. Looking for 1-3 shooters.

UPDATE #6: Video of Dallas shooting suspect being arrested wearing body armor.

UPDATE #7: Statement from Chief Brown

Statement from Chief Brown

UPDATE #8: 11 Officers have been shot. The 11th officer was wounded engaging one of the suspects.

UPDATE #9: Police were ambushed. This was a terrorist situation.

UPDATE #10: One civilian was wounded from the shooting.



UPDATE #12: One sniper in police custody.

UPDATE #13: U.S. Marshals have arrived on scene. Dallas has been 'sealed off'

UPDATE #14: VIDEO of police chase / arrest on I-35. Two suspects in custody.

UPDATE #15: Update on police chase / arrest

UPDATE #16: Chief of Police said they are "Currently in negotiations with Suspect". Suspect is "Not very cooperative". Suspected Dallas sniper has told negotiators "the end is coming."

UPDATE #17: One female is in custody.

UPDATE #18: As of 1:41 AM (eastern) downtown Dallas is still an active crime scene.

UPDATE #19: As of 2:30 AM (eastern) 3 people are in custody, 1 suspect is actively exchanging gunfire in a garage with police. The suspect claims there are bombs around the city. 4 police officers have been killed, 7 officers are injured, 1 civilian is injured.

UPDATE #20: We have just learned that a 5th officer has passed away. 

UPDATE #21: Suspect in Dallas parking garage has died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound.



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